Welcome to the Pollet Group Website – Hydrogen Energy and Sonochemistry Research

The only research group  in the world focussing on both Hydrogen Energy and Sonochemistry!

Our group motto:

“free thinking, critical thinking, constructive thinking and respectful thinking”

Our research focusses on the use of ultrasound for the generation of useful gases, such as hydrogen, and for the production of novel hydrogen storage, electrolyser and fuel cell materials, like metal hydrides, electrocatalysts and electrodes. We are also conducting research in the areas of fundamental and applied sonochemistry and sonoelectrochemistry; we use sonoelectrochemistry as a tool to elucidate electrochemical mechanisms and optimise ultrasonic reactors. We are the only research group in the world combining these two  research areas!


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E: bruno.g.pollet@ntnu.no
Mobile: +47(0)92489316
Twitter: @ProfessorPollet

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