Demonstrators, Prototypes & Products

Since 1994 up to now:

Over the years, I have been involved in exciting projects in the RD&D and demo/prototype/product development space. The main bulk of my work focusses on commercialisation of the research.

Below are examples of the projects:

1. SonoEcoCell – Sonoelectrochemical Cell for the removal of organics/inorganics and bacteriasonoecocell















2. Chemical markers – SmartWater Ltd

3. Chemical markers – Forensic Security Systems Inc.fss





4. Development of products whilst at Johnson Matthey Fuel Cells

5. Hydrogen Fuel Cell (PEMFC) Utility Vehicles – Microcab Industries Ltd – Funded by AWM, DECC & TSB

6. Hydrogen Refuelling Station – Air Products – Funded by AWM

7. Hydrogen Fuel Cell (PEMFC) Postal Vehicle – Royal Mail and Microcab Industries

8. Hydrogen Fuel Cell (SOFC) UAV – EADS

9. Hydrogen Powered Refrigerated Units (PEMFC) – Unilever

10. Hydrogen based Combined Heat & Power (PEMFC) – Baxi Innotech – Funded by AWM

11. Novel High Temperature Membranes for HT-PEMFC – TATA Motors

12. Pt-free Catalysts Development and Screening – Acal Energy

13. Novel Bipolar Plate Material Coatings – TEER Coatings Ltd

14. Air Blowers for PEMFC Systems – Air Bearings Ltd

15. Hydrogen GolfCart (PEMFC) – Melex










16. Hydrogen Scooter (PEMFC) – Melex

17. Hydrogen Forklift (PEMFC) – STILL – Funded by Impala Platinum

18. Hydrogen Metal Hydride Compressor – Funded by Eskom

19. Hydrogen Fuel Cell Power Generator (PEMFC) – Hot Platinum Pty Ltd

20. Hydrogen Fuel Cell APU – Airbus R&T

21. Hydrogen Generator

H2 Generator

22. Metal Hydride Pilot Plant Manufacturing

23. HT-Membrane Electrode Assembly (MEA) Pilot Plant Manufacturing

24. Metal Hydride Tanks and Canisters – TFD Design Pty Ltd

25. Various mini-projects with SMEs – Funded by AWM & DST

26. Hydrogen Fuel Cell Goped












27. Fuel Cell Pedicab

28. Fuel Cell Bicycle










29. Novel Fuel Cell Stack – Therefore Ltd

Exploded view PEMFC stack


30. Hydrogen Fuel Cell Portable Chargers












31. Fuel Cell Charger






32. Fuel Cell Educational Kit











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