The POLLET Research Group @ NTNU

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Anders Teigmoen is a full-time student of Renewable Energy at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. He is set to be finished with his Bachelors’ Degree in the spring of 2019. He has worked for NTNU Eiendom as a big-data systemizer and processer. He is currently working on Electrochemical Hydrogen Production.



Lars Martin Ingebrigtsen – Electrochemical Hydrogen Production.




Raúl Erades has a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering (Universidad Politécnica de Valencia) and he is a full-time student of a master’s degree in industrial engineering (specialization in Energy Production) at NTNU as an exchange student. He is set to be finished with his master’s degree in the spring of 2019. He has worked as a Trainee Engineer in I+D Research consulting and he is currently working on Sonochemistry.


Magnus Fure Runnerstrøm has a bachelor’s degree in political science, and is currently completing a master’s degree in Energy and Environment. His specialization is Energy planning and environment analysis, and is currently working on a feasibility study of a hydrogen energy economy in Norway.




Md. Hujjatul Islam is a PhD candidate at the Department of Energy and Process Engineering, NTNU. His areas of interest include sonochemistry, sonoelectrochemistry, renewable energy, bioenergy, biorefinery and process design. He was a guest researcher in Aalborg University, Denmark. He has a bachelor and master´s degree in Textile Engineering from Politecnico di Torino and a second master’s degree in Chemical and Process Engineering from Lappeenranta University of Technology. Currently he is working on hydrogen production using ultrasound and CO2 utilization.

Marco Sauermoser is a PhD candidate at PoreLab and the Department of Chemistry, NTNU. He has a Master’s degree in Petroleum Engineering with a specialization in Drilling Engineering from the Montanuniversität Leoben, Austria. The topic of the PhD thesis is the optimization of the flow field pattern in PEM fuel cells. He works both on the theory and experiments, currently focusing on tree-shaped patterns and the geometries behind them.

Faranak Foroughi is a PhD candidate at the Department of Energy and process Engineering, NTNU. She received her Bachelor’s degree from Yasouj University, Iran with major in Materials Engineering, Extractive Metallurgy. She completed her Master of Science at Shiraz University, Iran with major in Materials Science and Engineering, Electroceramics. The subject of her Master’s thesis was fabrication of non-enzymatic electrochemical glucose biosensor based on graphene modified copper oxide nanoparticles. She is currently working on the effect of power ultrasound on the oxygen and hydrogen evolution reaction. Her area of interest includes sonoelectrochemistry, sonochemistry, electrochemistry, electrocatalyst materials and renewable energy.




Rafael d’Amore-Domenech is a Ph.D. Candidate and Teaching Assistant at the Faculty of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (ETSIN), UPM (Spain). At present, Rafael works on the development of seawater electrolysis technologies, in addition to the implementation of fuel cell systems in marine crafts. Since 2017, he represents UPM in the biannual expert meetings organized by “IEA-Hydrogen Task 39”, on the implementation of hydrogen technologies in marine applications. In 2017, he received the Graduate Paper Honor Prize from the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME) for co-authoring the technical paper entitled “Towable TLP solution for Offshore Wind”. His areas of interest include hydrogen and fuel cell technologies, naval architecture and marine renewable energies.

The POLLET Research group at NTNU

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